Inaugural Cloak Pin

We’ve been wanting to try making a cloak pin for awhile now and gave it a go for the first time today. Room for improvement, but not bad as a first attempt!

Fire Striker – Drawn Out

Been learning to make fire strikers. This one’s from soft steel so probably no good for lighting fires, but great for practicing on! It started as a 4″ piece of bar stock and it’s now drawn out to 7.25″. Next up – the curls!

I’m usually the one taking the phots but someone snapped a picture of me working at the anvil at the Fiber and Flame event. This is where my knife began to take shape.

I don’t know that I’ve shared this yet, but this is the Viking Age knife I made at the Fiber and Flame event in late June 2019. It is my second knife. Started with a chunk of coil spring from a car. The handle is made of ash from a tree growing near Hedeby. This one is not for sale. Ever. Than you Jeppe Nordmann Garly for sharing your expertise all the way from Norway!

There’s a few of us out at the Bonanzaville smithy today.

A warm up project at Bonanzaville.

Kicking off the Fiber & Flame event with pizza – traditional Viking food, right?

Another piece of leaf spring that is starting to take shape. Can’t wait for the new grinder to arrive to continue working on it!

One of our trinkets in the wild. Looks pretty good!


Cut to 6-1/2”. Time to taper the other end!

Getting ready to cut it to length so that I can taper the other end.

Drew the one end out an inch or two and tapered it to a point. It started at 15-1/2″ and drew out to 17″.

Working on a troll cross today. Started with this round stock.

Hammered out a couple of trinkets today too.