Apprenticeship Session 11

We did it! We finished our Måstermyr chain. Well, mostly. We spent 5-1/2 hours and finished the 23 links that we had created and joined them into one chain. The actual Måstermyr chain had 26 links and a ring at one end. We will probably add those at some point, but for now we are considering this project done.

One of the nice things about making this chain was the repetition that was part of the project. For most of our other projects we have made just one and then moved on to the next project. With the chain, we got to repeatedly practice making links and then forge welding them so we started to get really comfortable – albeit still beginners – with the process. There’s a lesson there about going back and revisiting some of the projects we’ve completed previously and something to keep in mind regarding our projects going forward.

We’re going to have a bit of a break due to other commitments, so it will be a few weeks before we’re back at it again. Next up will be the completion of the bellows we began way back when and making hammers. Looking forward to having a custom-built hammer!